Aof Smith


Silent Ravage 2017

Aof Smith and his 3rd Solo Exhibition in November 2017, Silent Ravage. Aof Smith, a Bangkok based artist, has cultivated a following among collectors and lowbrow artists in Thailand. Greatly influenced by American Pop-Surrealism, Aof Smith maintains the dream-scape of the surrealists and the celebration of the shallow world often associated with pop art. Having developed his own style, Aof Smith personal sense of colours brings forward vivid and full-flavoured visuals that add dimensions and… READ MORE..

Skeptical 2015

Aof Smith, a bright and talented Thai artist, is exhibiting his paintings in “SKEPTICAL”, expressing his perception and imagination through the wonders of Pop-surrealism. The exhibition will be on view from June 26th through to August 9th, 2015 at Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C.).

Reflecting upon his journey and perspectives towards on-going social situations, Aof Smith’s collection of 35 oil paintings juxtapose imaginative souls and the hidden dark side of the reality… READ MORE..



Tempting Passion Vanishing Emotion